Our Region by Υourself

By Car

With a car, most of the island is accessible to you and you will be able to find quiet coves where you will be able to pursue your nudist holiday. Remember that roads in Crete vary in quality enormously, and range from major roads surfaced to European and US standards, down to roads that may seem to be little more than ‘goat tracks’ with a loose rock or chalk surface.

These latter roads are for the more adventurous and will take you to unspoiled villages and areas of natural beauty that will literally take your breath away. But always travel with care and be prepared for the unexpected – particularly when driving towards a ‘blind’ bend. You never know what is coming the other way!

Buy a good map and ask Vritomartis reception for suggestions as to where you might drive. At the reception, we have enlarged map of Crete and another one of our region’s with the most highlights sightseeing with photos and descriptions, distance from our resort and how you reach each place. You will find it very useful. Always check your vehicle before you set off anywhere, make sure you have plenty of water, and let our reception know where you are heading and what time you expect to return.

By Boat


A picturesque village only half an hour away by boat from Chora Sfakion. It nestles in a beautiful cove with crystal clear waters. The peninsula nearby has a ruined castle as well as a number of ruins dating back to Roman times.

Aghia Roumeli

Famous (or infamous) as the village where you arrive after walking the world-famous Samaria Gorge, Agia Roumeli has the ill-deserved reputation of only being a transit point for walkers who have just “done the gorge”. It does get rather crowded by midday as the walkers finish their challenge, but if you leave the center of the village it is soon very quiet, and the scenery is beautiful. There is a beach to the east of the village and is it usually virtually deserted, you should be able to use it as a nudist beach. You can even clean off the salt by having a dip in the Samaria river where it runs into the sea, although you will not find much water in the summer.

If you want to walk a little you can walk up to the Old Agia Roumeli and the entrance of the Samaria National Park. From there, another half hour’s walking will take you to the “Iron Gates”, the famous very narrow part of the Samaria Gorge. You can also keep going – it gets more spectacular – until you feel like turning back.

Marmara Beach

Marmara Beach is a nice secluded small pebbly bay shaped near the exit of the imposing Aradaina Gorge and it has been a popular nudist spot for years. The name Marmara means “marbles” and is named after the soft colorful rocks that cover the area. The beach is very far from the civilization since it’s 60′ walking distance from the closest inhabited beach of Likkos and 75′ from Loutro. There are no roads here, so walking and boat are the only possible ways to reach the place. There is one small taverna near the beach, where you can rest, but that’s all.

Sweet Water Beach

Glyka Nera (meaning “sweet water”) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, with deep blue watercolor and nice pebbles. In 2003, the beach was ranked among the best 20 in Europe by London Times. This is called like this because of the fresh water that gushes from the pebbles!

Generally, the only way to access Glyka Nera is by boat. However, for extremer and adventurous people, there is a path leading therefrom Chora Sfakion (takes 30′) and another tougher path from Loutro (takes 60′ and hiking near the edge is quite stressful). Despite stressful views, the path is safe as it is frequently conserved by the local authorities, as it a part of the European E4 footpath.

On Foot

Crete is a walker’s paradise with so many wonderful and varied routes to follow. If you are not walking with a group, always let reception know where you intend to walk and what time you expect to return – and let them know when you do return! Some of the more established walks are listed on our walking excursions page.

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