Sub-Aqua Diving Facilities

At Vritomartis naturist resort, we have had many guests who enjoy sub-aqua diving and who are enticed by the warm, beautiful and clear blue Libyan Sea on which our naturist resort is situated. They have asked how we can help them enjoy their passion for exploring underwater.

We are delighted to tell you, dear guest, that Vritomartis naturist resort has partnered with a local diving school – the Notos Mare Diving Centre – situated just 2km from the resort.

Established in 2004 by a local family, the highly experienced instructors meet all international licensing requirements and pride themselves on offering a totally professional service to divers of all abilities but in a friendly and personal style. Local knowledge of the area, built up over the many years of experience, will enable them to provide some of a unique diving experience available of the shores of Crete, but also to tailor special dives to your specific requirements.

If you are interested in the Notos Mare facilities, please ask at Reception for further details.

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