Leisure & Nudist Activities

The majority of people who spend their holiday in a nudist resort do so for the rest and relaxation such a place provides. So it is with most of our guests at Vritomartis.

Our prime objective has always been to create a nudist resort where guests can spend their time in calm relaxation. However, we also provide leisure facilities for those who – from time-to-time – may want a little more ‘activity’. At Vritomartis you can take part at the following leisure and naturist activities:

Aqua Gym

Two to three times per week you have the choice to spend an hour exercising in the pool.

Garden Games

In our nudist resort, there are also facilities for our energetic guests with tennis and volleyball courts, Shuffleboard, Mini golf,  Archery, Boccia as well as a table tennis games room. These facilities are always available and best experienced in the nude.

For the less energetic, there is a ‘garden chess’ set!

Massage Facilities

During our season, a professional masseuse is available to provide a range of massage services.

Filaki Beach

At our nudist beach, there is plenty of opportunity for activity, be it swimming, canoeing or exploring the caves by canoe.

Traditional Dance Nights

Every two weeks we are pleased to host local musicians and dancers at our nudist resort. They perform traditional Cretan dances in the beautiful setting of our veranda. A wonderful way to spend an evening under the stars.

International Music and Dancing

Three nights a week we have a live performer or DJ who brings his musical talent to the Bar Terrace. You are encouraged to dance to a great range of international music, or if you prefer, simply to sit and listen whilst enjoying a drink from our extensive bar.

Quiz Nights

Once a week enjoy a pleasant evening on the terrace by listening, guessing and winning!!!

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