First Time Visitor – First Naturist Experience

An extra warm welcome from our naturist resort

If you are considering a visit to naturist hotel Vritomartis for the first time then you are assured of a very warm welcome and a very happy naturist holiday! If you are considering naturist hotel Vritomartis for your first visit to a naturist resort then you can be assured of an extra warm welcome indeed!

Everybody is equal

You may be feeling very nervous; the prospect of getting naked in a public place can be understandably daunting. What will the other guests think? Will they all be looking at you? How will your body compare? These are probably just a few of the thoughts in your mind, but you really have nothing to worry about. The great thing about naturism is that nobody cares what you look like. Without clothes all are equal and naturism is non-judgemental.

The feeling of the wind, sunshine, breeze & water

The general feedback from those who have ‘made the leap’ is just how pleasurable the whole naturist experience is. Being without clothes allows the individual to truly enjoy the feeling of wind and sunshine, breeze, and water; it is a wonderfully liberating and completely natural sensation. It is rare that an individual having once tried naturism, then rejects it.

The liberating sensation of swimming

Naturist hotel Vritomartis is the ideal location to try public nudity for the first time. Try a dip in our swimming pool and you will never swim with clothes again! Having enjoyed that experience, you can then stretch out on the comfortable loungers surrounding the pool area and let the sun dry you – no need for towels!

All over tan

If you want to keep “yourself-to-yourself” you can do so, but our bet is that you will soon be exchanging pleasantries with your fellow guests who come from all over the world. Your reservations about nudity will be totally forgotten, and within a few days, you will start to acquire a beautiful all-over tan. No ‘spray-on’, no artificial sunbeds, just completely natural courtesy of the sun itself.

Everybody respects naturism

Naturist Hotel Vritomartis is a licensed naturist resort and broadly follows the guidelines laid down by the International Naturist Federation (INF). Within the indoor areas of the hotel such as reception, bar & restaurant, clothes are compulsory so again, as a first time naturist, there is no potential embarrassment! All the outside areas are clothing optional except the beach and the pool where you have to be naked.

As a point of etiquette, if you remain naked when having a drink or something to eat at the pool bar, it is customary to take a towel to sit on.

Whether you are already a nudist visiting for the first time or you are a first time naturist, there really is nowhere better to spend your vacation than naturist hotel Vritomartis.
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