Guest Etiquette at Vritomartis

Naturism is all about ‘freedom’ and at naturist hotel Vritomartis we encourage guests to be as free as possible. We try not to have ‘rules’ however, to ensure that one person’s freedom does not upset any other guest, we have a code of etiquette which all guests are expected to abide by.

Experience the naturist
feeling with respect!

  • From sunrise to sunset, all external areas are naturist or clothing optional whilst at all times, clothes (even towel or pareo) must be worn in all indoor areas. Guests must be nude at the swimming pool area and at the beach.
  • At Vritomartis you are expected to respect each other’s privacy and respect your neighbor’s space as well. Glancing is normal behavior; staring at someone – clothed or naked is downright rude!
  • If you wish to listen to music (or watch a video) in your room, please keep the volume low. If you wish to listen to music (or watch a video) in the outside areas, please use headphones.
  • No sexual activity or similar inappropriate personal behavior. The sun and ambiance may provoke romantic thoughts, but thinking is where it should all stay!
  • Photos and Video: ASK FIRST if your photos will include people and NEVER take photos without the express consent of guests!!
  • There are two ‘key’ words in naturism. One is ‘Freedom’; the other is ‘Respect’. If you respect your fellow guests, your surroundings, and the country you are visiting, you will truly enjoy the freedom of naturism!
  • If there is one rule that perhaps we do have, it is a simple one – “Do as you would be done by”!
  • Proper naturist etiquette requires the use of a towel while seated when nude.
  • No outside beverages are allowed in the Restaurant or Bar or Taverna.
  • Pets: Sorry but no pets are allowed in the rooms or on premises.
We take your privacy into great consideration
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