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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visiting a naturist/clothing optional resort for the first time is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, for some people it can, at first, be quite daunting. You will have many questions in your mind, questions that we at Vritomartis naturist resort have been asked many times. To help you as you approach your visit, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


Q. Do you allow single men to stay at your resort?

A. We are happy to welcome anyone who genuinely wishes to experience a naturist holiday. As with all guests, you are required to book a room for your stay with us.

Q. Do you allow 'Day' visitors?

A. Not usually unless, you are a guest of a resident. We are a residential resort and not a sun-club where day guests are often permitted.

Q. What are the rules that apply to single men staying in your resort?

A. We do not have any special rules for single men. Everyone who stays in our resort is expected to respect the other resident and their personal space and privacy. For example, as a first-time naturist, you may be tempted to stare at your fellow-guests. As in any 'non-naturist' circumstance, staring is intrusive and will not be tolerated. Naturists are naturally welcoming and friendly but use mature judgement to ensure that you do not intrude. "Do as you would be done by" is a good rule to follow!

Q. What if my female partner is reluctant to be publicly naked?

A.  This is entirely normal and natural. In a world where women are seemingly judged and compared physically in almost every aspect of everyday life, the idea of being seen naked in public can for many women be terrifying. The natural belief is that they too will be looked at and "compared" but nothing could be further from the truth. Quite frankly, naturists are not interested in looking and comparing; they are simply interested in soaking up the hot rays of the sun in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. Do not force the issue! To do so would probably have the opposite effect. Be encouraging and supporting and let your partner observe how other females enjoy their nudity.

Q.  I am worried that with so many naked women around, that I may have an erection. Would I be thrown out?

A  This is a very natural and common fear among men but very rarely happens. The environment at naturist resort Vritomartis is one of quiet relaxation and ironically, with so much nudity on display it becomes almost 'non-sexual'. If you did become 'excited' then the simplest way to deal with this is to cover yourself with your towel or lie on your front, or take a swim (the simplest and most effective!).

Q. What is your recommendation? Should I try it?

A. Absolutely - Yes! Vritomartis Naturist Resort has been established for well over 20 years and in that time we have welcomed many 'first-timers'. It has been our great delight to see then go from being timid, hesitant and yes, SCARED, to become confident and relaxed with their public nudity, enjoying the freedom and lack of stress that naturism brings. We have then been happy to see them return many, many times. Come and join them!


Q. This is my partner's idea! The thought of being without my clothes in front of a large group of strangers absolutely terrifies me! Do I have to be naked?

A. This is an entirely natural fear that many women on their first visit experience. Whilst no-one will physically force you to take off your clothes (!), Vritomartis naturist resort is for those people who wish to be naked in order to enjoy the great benefits of the sun. Nudity is compulsory around the swimming pool area, in the swimming pool and on the naturist beach but clothes must be worn in the hotel itself, in the bars and restaurants and in the shop. Many women when moving around do cover up with a sarong or 'wrap' but that is their choice to do so or not.

Q. I do not like the idea of people being able to see what I regard as my 'body faults' and comparing me to others. How do I avoid that?

A. You don't need to because it won't happen! Staring is intrusive and naturists don't do it. Nor do they compare bodies or body parts. We are all different and naturists respect and indeed celebrate those differences.

Q. Can I wear a swimming costume?

A. Only to go into the 'clothed' areas of the resort (see above). The whole ethos of Vritomartis Naturist Resort is naturism and to be honest, once you have experienced swimming without a costume, you'll never want to wear one again!

Q. A very personal question - what if I have my monthly period whilst staying at Vritomartis? How am I expected to deal with that?

A. This again is something that naturist women often have to deal with. You will be aware of the dates of your monthly cycle and know ahead of time, if this is likely to occur during your stay with us. You can continue to be completely naked by reducing the length of the tampon string so that it is not noticeable.

Q. I am concerned about the sexual nature of nudity and am worried that I will be embarrassed by other people's behaviour.

A. This is a perfectly normal worry often held by non-naturists, but you should not confuse nudity with sexuality or sexual behaviour. Being naked is entirely natural and there is no better experience than to swim or sunbathe without clothes. At Vritomartis naturist resort, we have a strict code of conduct, but naturists conduct themselves in a very open but 'controlled' manner and are deeply respectful of their fellow guests. It is rare that we have ever had to have a "quiet word" about the behaviour of any guest.

Q. Will I be expected to participate in events like "Naturist of the Week" or similar competitions? I would be embarrassed to take part.

A. We are not that kind of resort. Vritomartis is focused on rest and relaxation and whilst we have a comprehensive programm of entertainment, it does not involve events of this kind. Naturism is not a competitive past-time.

Q. Do you really think I will enjoy naturism? Won't too much sun damage my skin?

A. We are sure you will enjoy it. More and more women have come to realize the health benefits of naked sunbathing, and not only physical but mental as well, providing as it does a wonderful release from daily stress. For a woman, once you have taken the first step, you will find that being naked is incredibly empowering.

As regards skin damage, this is rare among naturists as they are more aware than most people of how important it is to take care of one's skin. Using a good quality sun cream with the appropriate Sun Protection Factor and following the proven recommendations for sunbathing will ensure that you stay safe and undamaged. You will return from your holiday with a healthy, golden glow and be glad that you took that first step into naturism at Vritomartis naturist resort!

First Time Experience

Being naked in the hot sun is a wonderful experience and at Vritomartis naturist resort we totally focus on giving you the best naturist experience ever!

Our objective is to create an environment of calm relaxation, with facilities of the highest standards, where our guests are comfortable, safe and content and all our staff are trained to meet your needs and expectations.

Going publicly without your clothes for the first time can potentially be a frightening and daunting experience. However, we know from many guests who have taken that first step at our resort that being naked is soon forgotten, but the pleasures of nudity never are!

Despite your fears, no-one will judge you or compare you to other guests. You will find your fellow guests to be warm, friendly, polite and courteous. If you want to involve yourself with others then you will be welcomed to do so, but if you wish to be on your own, then no-one will bother you.

Being naked is an incredibly relaxing and de-stressing experience. It is hard to be stressed simply lying in the warmth of the Cretan sun with nothing to concern you but the choice of menu for lunch or dinner!

At Vritomartis naturist resort, we have created an oasis of calm in a world of stress, conflict and challenge. If you have never experienced a naturist holiday before, there can be no better place to start. Come and join us - you'll never regret it!