Vritomatris is a licensed naturist resort. From sunrise to sunset, all external areas are naturist or clothing optional whilst at all times, clothes (even towel or pareo) must be worn in all indoor areas. Guests must be nude at the swimming pool area and at our naturist beach...
Vritomartis is a very special naturist resort and like no other you will experience. It takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete...
to Do
The majority of people who spend their holiday in a nudist resort do so for the rest and relaxation such a place provides. So it is with most of our guests at Vritomartis...
Indoor & Outdoor
Vritomartis naturist resort has 161 beds in 85 beautifully appointed rooms, of which 42 are located on two floors in the main building and 43 in 8 separate bungalows...
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Vritomartis is the ideal location to try public nudity for the first time. Being without clothes allows the individual to truly enjoy the feeling of wind and sunshine, breeze, and water...
Meet the team
Rooms & Rates
We know that our naturist resort will be your home during your stay, and so we have invested considerable care and great thought to ensure that you will be comfortable whilst you are with us...
Nudist Beach
Before you choose where to swim, sunbathe and relax you should know about our nudist beach. Vritomartis combination of naturist swimming pool and naturist beach facility!
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