Vritomartis is a multidimensional resort.
Combine naturism with activities like
Naturist Boat Trips, Walks, Trips to a Winery
and more!
«Naturism in Vritomartis isn’t just
being nude. It is a combination of
engaging and inspiring activities...»
Nudist Beach
Before you choose where to swim, sunbathe and relax you should know about our nudist beach. Vritomartis combination of naturist swimming pool and naturist beach facility!
At Vritomartis naturist resort, we have had many guests who enjoy sub-aqua diving and who are enticed by the warm, beautiful and clear blue Libyan Sea on which our naturist resort is situated...
Dive in
Boat Trips
Once a week we organize a day trip to the most southern point of Europe that none can miss it. Visit some majestic beaches including the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world...
Hop on
For lovers of exploring and walking, our region offers plenty of unique destinations, gorges, traditional and historical villages, unexplored and famous beaches. Crossing all these areas you will find rich flora ...
to Do
The majority of people who spend their holiday in a nudist resort do so for the rest and relaxation such a place provides. So it is with most of our guests at Vritomartis...
Rooms & Rates
We know that our naturist resort will be your home during your stay, and so we have invested considerable care and great thought to ensure that you will be comfortable whilst you are with us...
of Vritomartis
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