Hidden Ladies Suites

Modern. Luxury. Exclusive.

Let us introduce you to the Hidden Ladies Suites! Four absolutely new suites, named Sofia, Eleni, Katerina & Eleutheria are all set to offer unique moments of luxury, tranquility, and happiness.

 “Luxuriously constructed yet unpretentious.”

The Hidden Ladies were constructed to provide an exceptional experience of vacations focused on privacy and extra space giving you a place to isolate. Breathe in deep whilst simultaneously watching the stunning view from your bed, which is illustrated by a composition of the Libyan Sea inside a wild, natural landscape. All of this, together, becomes a totally private getaway!

Just imagine sunbathing near the private outdoor Jacuzzi, relaxing whilst listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying a romantic dinner at sunset; this is only a short description of your dreamy stay in our suites.

Real treasures are always hidden…

Diamonds can be found inside the earth, as well as The Hidden Ladies Suites; which have been built ornately underground. Four fabulous, Greek, female names, Sofia, Eleni, Katerina & Eleutheria have been attributed proudly to The Hidden Ladies. All of them have a special meaning and an interesting background; Sofia denotes to a high level of smartness and an excellent ability of learning; Eleni, in ancient times, meant something sparkling, bright, while the same name has also been identified with the story of the Trojan War, particularly with the main character, the Beautiful Eleni (Helen of Troy). As far as Katerina concerns, she symbolizes cleanliness, innocence and spring; a period of the year when nature is flourishing and colours and fragrances dominate. Last but not least, is Eleutheria. The name “Eleutheria” means “freedom” and links with the conquering of people all around the world. “Eleutheria” is a virtue, non-negotiable and timeless!

But, is this the only reason for those names? Their stories and their symbols? Definitely not. The main concept is based on the idea that the “Hidden Ladies” are no longer “hidden” and unknown; they have great names and should be brought to the world’s attention. The owner of the hotel, Nikolaos Dourountakis, decided to show his appreciation to the major contribution of four ladies (mother, sisters & aunts) in his life, and wished to honor them by giving their first names to the new suites.

Water, wood, stone, earth & sun… the elements of happiness & tranquility!

Externally, the white tone is strongly used in the buildings and the walls of the configurations. The courtyard floors and exterior stairs are made of triple concrete white cement creating a single surface. A paved floor follows the limit of the road as a path picking up the visitors from the external entrances and leading them to the yards of the suites. Metal structures in free curved forms offer shade and isolation for each courtyard and Jacuzzi.nal entrances and leading to the yards of suites. Metal structures in free curved engravings, offer shading and isolation by courtyards and Jacuzzi.

Internally, the lines become even more minimalistic, insisting on orthogonal engravings. Stripes of light cross the high ceiling, linear furniture defines the space, while at the same time the white color dominates all around. The surface of the cement floor is raised vertically to the walls and built-in furniture, creating the feeling of flowing space. The internal areas are placed in a row, step by step: living room, dining area, and sleeping area as one elevated level that sees above the view unobstructed, through generous windows. At the same time, from the bath is an opening in stone, flowing out to a small patio, where you will continue to have contact with the landscape.

Enjoying our high-quality services…!

The Hidden Ladies can accommodate up to two people in king-size COCO-MAT beds promising a perfect sleep. Huge openings offer magnificent views to the natural landscape, while the minimalistic decoration with white colour combined with warm wooden furniture contribute significantly to making you feel at home!

Our services and facilities

  • Handmade bed with king size COCO-MAT mattress
  • Private bathroom (with shower indoor & outdoor)
  • Private patio with sun loungers and parasols
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Private parking area next to each suite
  • Living room
  • High-end handmade furniture
  • Air-condition
  • Mini-bar
  • Coffee machine
  • Flat-screen TV with multiple channels
  • Closet
  • Luxury Beauty kit in the bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Great Wi-Fi
  • Telephone
  • Daily cleaning service
  • 24-hour reception
  • Laundry service (additional charge)
We take your privacy into great consideration
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