The Resort

Our Name

Vritomartis is a very special naturist resort and like no other, you will experience. It takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated. And ‘special’ is a word that applies to so many aspects of this family-owned naturist hotel.

Our unique Location

Its location is special, indeed some would call it spectacular, nestling as it does on a promontory overlooking the Cretan Sea, and with the majestic White Mountains – that at their highest point rise to over 2000 meters – forming a unique backdrop.

Our Region and its History

Vritomartis is in the region of Sfakia, and two kilometers from Chora Sfakion (Sfakia), a small and unspoiled coastal village. This part of Southern Crete is one of the most rugged, unspoiled and dramatic in the whole coastal region. It makes for a very private place and an ideal location for a nudist resort.

Our Accommodation,
Facilities, Activities, and Trips

Other features that make the Vritomartis naturist hotel ‘special’ include the accommodation and the resort facilities. Traditional Cretan architecture has been combined with all the modern facilities an international traveler would expect. Guests have a choice between accommodation in the nudist hotel or in individual nudist bungalows scattered amongst the well-tended and spacious grounds.

A 25-meter swimming pool provides the central location in our nudist resort, and this is where many of our guests base themselves during the day. We also have our naturist beach a short walk away from the main building.

Apart from the possibility to participate in some activities here in our resort, our team also organizes trips to the highlight sightseeings of the region, naturist boat trips along the coasts and walkings to unique places like which you have never met before.

Our Respect to Naturism

As a licensed naturist resort we broadly follow the guidelines of the International Naturist Federation yet without the ‘formality’ that some find restrictive in some other naturist resorts – hotels. We have created a relaxed and friendly environment and whilst most of our guests are committed naturists, a “clothing optional” approach ensures that even guests who are visiting our nudist resort for the first time, never feel uncomfortable or out of place.

From sunrise to sunset, all external areas are naturist or clothing optional whilst at all times, clothes (even towel or pareo) must be worn in all indoor areas. Guests must be nude at the swimming pool area and at our naturist beach. As a family-run naturist hotel, children are always welcome and there are special facilities for them.

Our aim is you remember this holiday forever

Whether you stay for a few days or a few weeks, want complete peace and quiet or some gentle activities, the warmth of our welcome will only be surpassed by the warmth of the sun!

We take your privacy into great consideration
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