Nudist Beaches Nearby

Our naturist Beach Filaki & some very interesting smaller naturist beaches with no name

Within an easy walking distance of the hotel area, you can find a series of beautiful quiet nudist beaches. Except for Filaki, our naturist beach which is 700m away from Vritomartis and is designated and compulsory naturist area, there are some smaller beaches with no name, beaches created by the years from the weather, where someone can reach them by foot through some very interesting walking paths close to nature.

Most of the nudist beaches where you can sunbathe naked are on the South coast of Crete. It is important to note that apart from our naturist beach Filaki these are NOT official naturist beaches so please be considerate when using any beach for nude sunbathing.

…Sweet Water Nudist Beach

There are also more naturist beaches that can in anyway be described as ‘local’ and one of them is Sweet Water Beach (Glyka Nera) and as its name betrays if you dig the beach sweet water comes out. Sweet Water beach is situated half-way between Loutro and Chora Sfakion (from our resort you can drive by car 3km distance and after that, you can walk 1.5 hours, another way to go is by boat). Weekly excursions to Sweet Water beach are arranged for our guests by our events and visits team.

…Sandy Beach Orthi Ammos

Another one which is partly naturist beach called Orthi Ammos, a sandy beach located in the village of Frangocastello, at the edge of a big valley with very warm climate, 12km away from our resort (about 20min by car). It is famous for the big sand hills and dunes that have been shaped and the crystal clear waters. The beach is affected by south winds, but not too much. The east part of the beach is occupied by nudists and you can access the beach by either walking 10′ from Frangokastelo or parking above the sand hills.

…Sandy Beach Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis Beach in Gavdos. The beach of Agios Ioannis is situated in the north of the island of Gavdos, and it was voted as the second most beautiful beach of the world by the Travel Channel in 2007. Agios Ioannis (St John’s beach) is situated next to the tiny village with a population of ten, and it is home to several impressively large caves. There are no hotels or pensions or any luxury, only the sea, the sand and a beautiful view of the island of Crete.

We arrange weekly whole day naturist boat trips to Gavdos Island (2,5-3 hours by boat).

…A little further you can find


A part of the long sandy beach is used by naturists. To the east, there is also the beach of Anidri.


The eastern end of the beach is a nudist beach.

Aghia Roumeli

Away from the main beach, go eastwards and cross the Samaria river.

Aghios Pavlos

Situated an hour’s walk east of Agia Roumeli. A long and almost deserted beach.


A long beach with a naturist section.

Damnoni, Preveli

The situation there is changing all the time.

Further to the East, there is a very long beach stretching all the way to Agios Pavlos (not the same as the one mentioned above). Plenty of scope for naturism.

Komos beach

To the North of Matala, probably one of the best naturist beaches on Crete. Komos is a nesting site for sea turtles and great care should be taken not to disturb them.


Also offers plenty of opportunities for nudism.

Further on, East Crete does not seem to offer much for naturists.

The North coast of Crete does not offer many opportunities either, apart from tiny coves here and there.

One exception (but for how long?) is Georgioupolis beach, between Hania and Rethimnon. The sandy beach is 9 km long and in the eastern part, it is possible to be nude.

Beside the listed beaches there are of course plenty of tiny coves everywhere for you to discover.

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