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Our Nudist Beach

Before you choose where to swim, sunbathe and relax you should know about our nudist beach…

Vritomartis combination of naturist swimming pool and naturist beach facility!

Clothes-optional and naturist resorts are usually either focused on a beach location or a custom-built pool location. A combination of both is rare, but at Vritomartis we are that rarity as we offer you both, a naturist swimming pool and a naturist beach to enjoy the hot sun of Crete naked.

The distance of the nudist beach from the resort and how you can go

Filaki naturist beach is 15 minutes walk away from the main hotel complex – about 700m and easily accessed. Many of our guests enjoy the walk along a made-up road, passing as they go through the typical Cretan countryside, with sheep and goats for company! If one is less energetic, then there is a regular free of charge minibus service to and from the nudist beach from the main hotel building.

Specificity of the nude beach

This nude beach is comprised of pebbles and shingle and there are both umbrellas and sunbeds available for use. The clear blue waters provide excellent opportunities for swimming, and with the sun shining almost every day, cooling off in the sea is both necessary and enjoyable!

Naturist beach facilities

There is also a well-equipped snack bar with a shaded outdoor terrace where one can purchase cold drinks and salads as well as a range of cooked snacks. Our naturist beach also has the benefit of toilets and showers.

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