Cretan Cuisine

For so many people in the West, eating is just a way of providing fuel for the body. “Fast food” is increasingly becoming the norm and food lovingly prepared is being overtaken by ready-meals and a microwave.

For Cretans, eating is much more! It is a way of life to be savored, enjoyed and prolonged for as long as possible! A meal with family and friends could take all day or all night! Good food, good wine, and good conversation are as essential as the fresh ingredients used and the expertise of the chef. At naturist hotel Vritomartis, you will find all of these essentials in abundance.

Did you know that the population of Crete is the longest living one?

The key is the traditional Cretan Diet and its main ingredients…

Our production Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best thing about Cretan food is its simplicity. Good local produce is almost always used together with the key ingredient – best quality olive oil. The succulent flavors of Cretan dishes are never lost through either over-elaborate cooking nor by the use of too many spices. Simplicity brings superb taste experiences, and at naturist hotel Vritomartis, you can look forward to a menu that will bring you the best of both local and international dishes.

Local Thyme Honey and Special Herbs

Whilst Crete produces superb olive oil, it is also noted for its wild herbs and its ‘Thyme Honey’. The mountains and valleys are covered with wild herbs and heather, and if you take the opportunity to travel into the hinterland of Crete you will often see clusters of beehives in the hillsides. The products of these hives can usually be bought in local shops and of course, is used in cooking local dishes. Other herbs growing wild on Crete are Oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram, Malotira (mountain tea) and Diktamo. The first two will be used – sparingly – in the preparation of the most mouth-watering food for your enjoyment.

Our Garden Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

As with most of the Mediterranean, fresh fruit and vegetables are the key ingredients too much of Cretan food. naturist hotel Vritomartis uses vegetables that are grown as locally as possible. This ensures their freshness as well as the quality of the produce – both essential to maintaining the highest possible standards for their guests.

Some Cretan specialties you will find in the many tavernas including ours and in our buffet and should try are…


this is simple chopped tomato but it will remind you of how tomatoes should taste!


this is a Cretan barley rusk topped with a tangy salted white cheese, sprinkled with oregano, and soaked in extra virgin olive oil. (There are many other white kinds of cheese and the Central Market in Chania is a great place to find them and try them)

Tsigariasto or Sfakiano Giahni

this is a traditional plate with local lamp cooked with olive oil and onions. It is served with boiled greens and it is really delicious.


special greens from the wild mountains served with olive oil and lemon.

Sfakian Pies

will be found throughout Crete and come under many different names. They are often made from pasta-like dough and fried instead of baked, which makes the crust really crisp. There are savory pies with cheese and fresh vegetable fillings and there are sweet pies with flavors such as lemon, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla. If you see pies on the menu, then don’t hold back – try them!

At naturist hotel Vritomartis, you will find many examples of wonderful Cretan food, daily prepared for your enjoyment. Make them a part of your naturist holiday – you won’t regret it! Most of the specialties are served at the pool bar.

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