Mediterranean Cuisine

Naturists love the exposure to fresh air and sun; it brings a unique feeling of freedom, relaxation, and calm, together with a complete lack of stress.

It is a completely natural and healthy way of living. Naturists often complement this lifestyle choice with healthy eating, and there is nowhere better for this than the Mediterranean.

Fresh Fish

Another wonderful essential in Mediterranean cuisine is fresh fish and of course the nearer you are to the sea, the fresher will be the fish and the more choice you will have. Happily, naturist hotel Vritomartis is very near to the fishing port of Chora Sfakion so you will regularly find fish dish choices on the menu there.

Mediterranean cuisine uses a wide range of only the finest fresh ingredients and is characterized by its flexibility of style, the imaginative use of ingredients, the seemingly-endless number of regional variations and the abundant use of fresh herbs.

Those staying at Vritomartis hotel will be delighted to experience a Mediterranean cuisine that can only enhance the relaxing and stress-free environment of this superb naturist resort.


Mediterranean cuisine is dominated by the use of vegetables and excellent examples will always be found as an essential part of the menu at naturist hotel Vritomartis. This cuisine is, of course, not only to be found in clothing-optional resorts or naturist hotels! It will be found in every restaurant and hotel throughout the Mediterranean, but at Vritomartis, the chefs seem to excel – to the great benefit of the guests.

Olive Oil, Homemade
Yogurt & cheese

Whilst vegetables may dominate the dishes, it is olive oil that will almost always be the essential ingredient, either intrinsically in the recipe or as an accompaniment. Yogurt and cheese will also be found in many dishes, usually locally produced and always fresh.

Any vegetable you can name will almost always have a number of dishes devoted solely to them, however, the greatest enjoyment is often to be found in dishes that use a variety of vegetables, where the chef uses each separate flavor to work together as a whole. This one will have the most fabulous eating experiences in even the smallest and most unpretentious establishment. Indeed, one often has the best experience in such a place!


Meat is not used over-much in Mediterranean cuisine, and where it is to be found, it will almost always be grilled. Whilst lamb is mostly used, do not be afraid to experiment as you will also find meat dishes on the menu that may well use a goat. If you like meat – try it! It will be a new holiday experience for you and who knows, you may even like it!

Special Greens

You will probably have eaten aubergines, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and artichokes in your own country, but maybe not okra or squash? You will find them regularly included on Mediterranean menus and also a wide variety of “greens”. All these vegetables might be served to you as a fresh uncooked dish or grilled, fried, roasted, sautéed or baked.

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