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Nudist Wedding in a Nudist Resort

Can there be a more special place for your most special occasion than Vritomartis nudist resort?!

In the beautifully cared surroundings of the hotel on a sunny afternoon or at the beach by the side of the Libyan sea at sunset, we will make all the necessary arrangements so that you can simply focus on enjoying the most important day of your lives.

The ceremony will be conducted by the local mayor or his deputy and we have all the catering facilities to provide you with whatever you require to celebrate your nudist wedding in our resort. A buffet for you and your friends? No problem! An intimate dinner for two with no-one else around? Perfect!

Whatever you require, from start to finish, Vritomartis nudist resort will provide. For further information, please email and mark your email as "Nudist Wedding at Vritomartis". We will be very happy to host your nudist wedding in our resort and take part at this special moment in your lives.